Home Fields

Coast Guard Academy Football Coach
Recounts the Unfulfilled Lives of World War II

In the fall of 2014, Bill George is entering his sixteenth season as the head football coach at the United States Coast Guard Academy. He has a wonderful wife and young daughter and is caregiver for his father, Casper, who is slowly slipping away. As Bill’s daily challenges mount, Casper shares fascinating childhood stories of growing up in the small Syrian immigrant village of Myers, New York, during World War II.

written by Former Coast Guard Academy football coach

Bill George’s memoir covers coaching football, the challenges of caregiving while also being first-time parents, and the loving interactions between an eighty-seven-year-old man in hospice care and his redheaded granddaughter. Visit New London, Connecticut, on game day and Myers, New York, starting in 1935, brought to life by a dying man’s memories.

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A dying man’s memories bring to life the tragic story of Casper’s four friends and their relationships from childhood through World War II.

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About the Author

Bill George


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Bill George was born in Glens Falls, New York. He received his undergraduate degree from Ithaca College and holds master’s degrees from the Ohio State University and the State University of New York at Albany. George is a member of the Ithaca College and the Glens Falls High School Athletic Halls of Fame. Prior to entering the coaching field, George spent three years as a special education teacher in Upstate New York.
George served as an assistant football coach to Jim Butterfield at Ithaca, as well as at Princeton (1984) and the United States Military Academy Preparatory School (1987–89), and as a graduate assistant at Ohio State (1985–86). George retired in 2020 following twenty-one seasons as the head football coach at the US Coast Guard Academy.
George resides in Salem, Connecticut, with his wife, Nancy, and daughter, Lila.

The Reviews are in…


George “Gus” Isaac

“I left Myers, and after two and a half years on the front lines, I came home and lived with the scars of war alive inside of me. So many others never came home.”

George “Gus” Isaac
Army Company L, 30th Infantry 3rd Division, Bronze Star, Purple Heart

C. C. Grant

“Honor, respect, and devotion to duty are the core values of the Coast Guard Academy. Coach George gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to be a coach, father, husband, and son. Great book and outstanding read.”

C. C. Grant
Head Football Coach, US Coast Guard Academy

Rona Simmons

“A memoir that is at once a dying father’s and a son’s, a wife’s and a daughter’s. Filled with moments that break your heart and others that send your soul skyward, in Home Fields, Bill George paints a delicate tribute to his family, to the game of football, to the boys he inspired and that inspired him, and to a generation that sacrificed everything.”

Rona Simmons
Author of A Gathering of Men

John Loose

“Home Fields is a must-read story about how family history shapes the life of a father, son, and college football coach and the enduring love of family in the most challenging situations. Coach Bill George served as a positive mentor that influenced and shaped hundreds of leaders in the United States Coast Guard.”

John Loose
Assistant Head Football Coach, Army West Point, Co-Founder of Lauren’s First and Goal Foundation

Jeffrey Colt

“Bill George’s Home Fields provides all readers with an emotionally compelling story whose core reflects selfless commitment to family, faith, and country. He brilliantly shares his broad personal experience in roles as leader, coach, teacher, proud patriot, husband, father, and caregiver; Bill reverently and respectfully illustrates to us timeless life values of love, humility, and sacrifice; this multigenerational narrative also shows us genuine empathy for community, courage, perseverance, tragedy, illness, and loss. Home Fields is inspiring and deeply heartfelt!”

Jeffrey Colt
Major General (Ret.), US Army

Sandra Stosz

“From beginning to end, Coach Bill George crafts a beautifully written, compelling story of compassion and courage that will leave readers yearning for more. This deeply sensitive, inspiring novel artfully maneuvers between the past and the present, providing a poignant view into the personal lives of Syrian immigrants—real people who struggled to fulfill their hopes and dreams in a world that wasn’t always fair. Home Fields is more than a story; it’s a highly relatable, personal testimony to strength of character that takes the reader on an emotional journey of self-discovery.”

Sandra Stosz
Vice Admiral, US Coast Guard (Ret.), Author of Breaking Ice & Breaking Glass: Leading in Uncharted Waters

Carey Keefe (short)

Home Fields by Bill George is a montage of space, time and memories. In this ambitious work, two memoirs are told, one in the present, and one in the past. George shares his very personal struggles of balancing family life, which include caring for his father, Casper, who has dementia, alongside the everyday ups and downs of being a football coach, weaving throughout the work poignant memories of his father’s World War II experiences.

Carey Keefe

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