George “Gus” Isaac

“I left Myers, and after two and a half years on the front lines, I came home and lived with the scars of war alive inside of me. So many others never came home.”

C. C. Grant

“Honor, respect, and devotion to duty are the core values of the Coast Guard Academy. Coach George gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to be a coach, father, husband, and son. Great book and outstanding read.”

Rona Simmons

“A memoir that is at once a dying father’s and a son’s, a wife’s and a daughter’s. Filled with moments that break your heart and others that send your soul skyward, in Home Fields, Bill George paints a delicate tribute to his family, to the game of football, to the...

Paul D. Kim, MD

“As the last words of Home Fields jumped off the page, I closed the book and sat in a dark room by myself with tears in my eyes. I have admired Bill, or ‘Monker’ as I have called him, for over fifty years; now my admiration turned to great love and immense respect....

Sandra Kim

“I’ve had the honor of being a hospice RN for twenty-eight years. This memoir illuminates with stark honesty the tenderness, poignancy, and struggles of caring for a loved one at the end of life. As you read, timeless gifts are seared into your heart as childhood...